Blackdog Charters llc.

​​Beautiful lake michigan and lake huron shipwreck diving




Our pricing is:

Recreational - $140 per day per diver for a 2 tank dive.

                          $160 per day per diver for 3 dives.


                          $150 per day per diver for a 2 tank dive out of Alpena.

                          $170 per day per diver for 2 Monrovia or Nordmeer dives.

Tech-Rec - $150.00 per diver per day for 2 light deco dives.

Technical - $200 for 1 or 2 dives per day per diver.

Port Austin in June - $210 per day per diver for a 2 tank dive.

Minimum of 4 divers needed for the boat to go out.

If you book the full boat and show up with less than 5 without advance 30 day notice, you will still need to pay for 5.

Deposits are as per contract.

Deposits are refundable except for a $50 booking fee by

written request at least 60 days before the first scheduled dive day.  Deposits will

be non refundable if you cancel your trip within 60 days of the departure date.

Cancellations due to weather (called by the Captain) or mechanical issues with theboat will be refunded in full.  If no deposit has been made by the due dates the
undeposited dates will be opened to the next on the request list.

Final payment is the last day of your charter.

Methods of payment: Cash, Check or Credit Card.  Please make checks payable to

"Brian Anderson or Blackdog Charters LLC"

Certification cards of the proper level are required for all dives.

Dive shops or groups booking the entire boat for 6 divers will pay for 5 spots with

the 6th one free. Group leaders are responsible for payment and filling their charters.